Diamante Galasso

Path of Human Revolution

Is a series born in 2007 and consists of 38 works, of different sizes, divided into a tracks through wich I describe the possible evolution of the human being.
Human Revolution is a definition that a Japanese teacher, Josei Toda, used to describe a fundamental process of inner transformation from our deepest essence…it is about I dentifying and tackling whatever inhibits the full expression of our potential and our humanity.
Is the ability of life to transform itself and improve itself without delegating this responsibility outside.
The man is perfectible and I constantly emphasize this concept, tracing lines that metaphorically represent the path of self-improvement, of self-recognition of this capacity inherent to life itself.
Canvas thus becomes the place where this happens.
The color of the instrument that traces the individual lives.
The sign the courageous willingness to recognize, begin and better the process of transformation.
The body of my work shows what the individual proposes to himself, and what otherwise, once freed from mental mechanisms that distort the reality of phenomena, may occur.